Welcome to DIET South 24 Parganas 1st Campus

N.P.E. 86 recommended several programmes and strategies for restructuring and reorganisation of Teacher education at the Elementary stage. One of such strategies is the establishment of DIET.
In the light of Govt. Of India’s norms, our State Govt. had taken some sincere steps to operationalise 19 D.I.E.T.s in the districts. D.I.E.T. Joynagar is a second phase D.I.E.T. and is situated in the District of South 24 Parganas.
Our D.I.E.T. Joynagar is the only D.I.E.T. on the threshold of a vast, socially and educationally deprived region – the Sundarbans.
Hence for our D.I.E.T., it’s a challenge to change to overall scenario of elementary education and awareness in the district for proper implementation of the slogan ”Education for all by collective endeavour”. Let it be successful in it’s mission.
We aspire for –

  • Empowering teachers so that they can work successfully in their own spheres.
  • Motivating teachers to impart quality education in elementary schools.
  • Doing and encouraging teachers to do Action Research.
  • Conducting surveys on various aspects of elementary education.
  • Working in collaboration with other stake holders to prepare texts/ textual materials.
  • Conducting trainings, workshops, seminars for in-service teachers (elementary level).
  • Arranging awareness programmes .
  • Conducting Achievement level tests at schools.
  • Teachers’ training programmes (both Regular & Distance learning mode) etc.

Our Mission

1.Strategies may be formed towards the 100% attendance of the students as per direction of Right to Educational Act.
2.Implementation of NCF-2005 and NCF-2009.
3.Training Strategies should be made for quality education in the classrooms situation without any discrimination.
4.Implementation of Child Protection Act.
5.Quality improvement of the teachers improvement of the system.

Our Activities

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Principal Message

I am sure our students will always strive to uphold the dignity of our college and keep its flag ever flying high. India is known for its rich values, culture and heritage. I impress upon all our young learning community to emerge as her proud and worthy citizens. I wish our students all success in their endeavours.

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